Cassandra Hill

M/WBE and Labor Force Diversity Project Manager

Cassandra Hill is the Regional Alliance M/WBE and Labor Force Diversity Project Manager for the Delta Terminal Expansion Program at JFK International Airport, recruiting and monitoring M/WBE participation as well as labor force compliance on the project.  Immediately prior to the Delta project, Ms Hill handled the JetBlue Terminal 5 Project as Compliance Manager for the Regional Alliance. Ms. Hill had been employed for 18 years by AMEC Construction Management, Inc., formerly known as Morse Diesel International, one of the nation's largest construction firms. As Program Manager she monitored and implemented AMEC's Affirmative Action, Equal Employment and Minority Business Development (AA/EEO & MDB) program to ensure participation and equal opportunities. Ms. Hill has been with the Regional Alliance since 2004 handling assignments on the New York Jets project where she assisted on the first phase development of the New York Jets Minority and Women-Owned Business Plan for the New York Sports and Convention Center. She also handled the close-out of the Hartford Connecticut Capital City Economic Development Authority contract.