Nadir A. Jones, Deputy Executive Director

The Regional Alliance for Small Contractors

Nadir A. Jones is currently the Deputy Executive Director for The Regional Alliance For Small Contractors . For the past 22 years Mr. Jones has created a distinguished career in the Transportation, Infrastructure, and Civil Rights industry.

As the former Executive Manager for DBE External programs and Contractor Oversight for the New Jersey Department of Transportation Office of Civil Rights, Mr. Jones provided overall leadership in the delivery of The Department’s Civil Rights programs with the goal of promoting equity, opportunity, and inclusion on all DOT and Local Aid assisted projects.

Mr. Jones has extensive knowledge of the USDOT’s Federal Highway, Transportation, and Aviation Authority’s DBE/ACDBE policies and regulations (49 CFR Parts 26 & 23) as it relates  to contract compliance, commercial useful function, and DBE/ACDBE certification.

Mr. Jones is also responsible for managing the Nation’s first Federal Regional Small Business Development Program implemented by the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority, where under his leadership, he was able to assist in awarding more than $400 million in direct prime contracts to Small Business and M/W/DBE program participants. His prior experience includes tenures with NJ Transit, Port Authority of NY/NJ, Washington D.C. Metropolitan Transit Authority, U.S. Dept. of Commerce, and Bovis Lend Lease. Overall, Mr. Jones is responsible for more than 5 billion in contracts awarded to the M/W/DBE community.