Paola Camargo Director Training Programs & Outreach Events

The Regional Alliance for Small Contractors

Paola Camargo has ten years of experience working as training coordinator for the Managing Growth® Program. This award winning training program has been attended by over 10,000 firms over the past 25 years. The courses have been recognized in several studies to positively impact the ability of firms to win bid awards. As Manager of Training, Ms. Camargo oversees curricula development with instructors, preparation of notices and announcements, preparation of workshop materials, registration and attendance of participants, and other on-site activities. She is also responsible for the preparation of session notes and all required reporting.

Ms. Camargo also has extensive experience in organizing and coordinating Regional Alliance outreach/networking events, e.g., annual Contractors’ Clearinghouse, Networking Boat Ride, Annual Awards Luncheon, and Annual Holiday Luncheon networking event.