Regional Alliance Programs

The Regional Alliance offers several programs to support small, minority, women-owned and disadvantaged contractors. These programs are designed to help build capacity and competence in management, technical ability, financial capacity and technology. 

About RASC

The Regional Alliance for Small Contractors (RASC) was the 1989 brainchild of visionary public agencies, the Port Authority of NY & NJ principal amongst them, and major private construction corporations that resolved to improve the competitiveness of small, minority, and women contractors in the region. RASC was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) in 1991. The Regional Alliance for Small Contractors has been led since then by a virtual “Who’s Who” of construction industry leaders, including Peter M. Lehrer, Lehrer, McGovern Bovis (Lend Lease (U.S.) LMB, Inc.; John L. Tishman, Tishman Construction Corp. (an AECOM Company); the late Frank Ross Sr., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of HRH Construction Corp.; Kurt A. Goddard, Executive Vice President, Bechtel Infrastructure Group.; Milo Riverso, P.E. Ph.D, President STV Construction, Inc.; and presently Jay Badame, President & Chief Operating Officer, Tishman Construction Corp. NY, NJ & PA.